• Up to 22Mbit download
  • Up to 6Mbit upload
  • You can use it everywhere
  • No telephone or cable connection needed
  • Can be combined with tv satellite hardware


  • With the VOIP telephone flatrate you can make calls to all german landline numbers for free around the clock
  • German landline number
  • To foreign countries your rate is like the german landline rates
  • Can be ordered to all internet via satellite rates
  • You can transfer your old telephone number to your new system


  • No monthly costs
  • HD quality
  • Best sound quality
  • No cable connection needed
  • Can be ordered to all internet via satellite rates

What StarDSL can provide you

Available everywhere

Internet via Satellite is available everywhere throughout Germany, without performance degradation. The only requirements are a power connection and a clear view of the sky to the south. You do not need a phone or cable connection!

Fast and reliable

StarDSL uses proven satellite technology and offers fast and independent access to the Internet in your home. Internet via Satellite is a full broadband service with up to 22 Mbit/s download and up to 6 Mbit/s upload speed. By transmitting within the frequency band above 20 GHz, high reliability is guaranteed, even in bad weather.


Assemble and align the satellite system (bowl: 74 cm), connect the modem and you can start immediately. We will gladly recommend a local expert, who can do the installation for you.

StarDSL Video